Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Unlike other imaging techniques, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) does not use radiation, but rather radio waves and a powerful magnet to produce clear images of organs, structures and tissues inside the body.  Hundreds of images taken one slice at a time offer an unparalleled look inside the body helping physicians and radiologists diagnose abnormalities, disease, trauma to internal tissue, and so on.  MRI exams are extremely safe as long as strict precautions are taken regarding metal objects – including pacemakers, prostheses, implants (stents, shunts, screws, pins, plates, surgical staples), body piercings and jewelry.  Teton Radiology uses a 3T MRI. The “T” refers to Tesla, a unit of measurement.  A magnet with strength measured at 3 Tesla is approximately 60,000 times the earth’s magnetic field. What does this mean for patients?  Quicker scan times and clearer images to make a more accurate diagnosis, but safety always comes first.  Please notify Teton Radiology if a patient has an implant of any kind, prior surgeries, or has been welding or grinding metal. Want a more accurate diagnosis?  Teton Radiology’s 3T MRI provides physicians with some of the highest resolution images in the industry.  It also offers patients quicker scan times than most MRI scanners on the market.  Clearer images and faster scan time at no additional cost…that’s what we call superior patient care.

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